We were excited to see 89 “Returning Firms” participate in the Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey in both 2022 and 2020. 

It is possible that these Returning Firms are the most dedicated implementers of Anytime, Anywhere Work programs. Along that line of thinking, we were curious how their responses compared to those of All Respondents (all survey participants). The following chart indicates the areas where our Returning Firms were more progressive or unique in some way from the rest of the survey set.

Exhibit: Returning Firms Compared to All Respondents  

(+5% differential) 

  All Respondents 2022  Returning Firms  


Does your firm allow for Anywhere work? (Combines “Completely remote” + “We have office space and people can choose where they work”  80%  88% 
Employ remote workers in another geography  78%  83% 
Team member moved away but continued working   79%  90% 
How often do geographically remote people travel to office     
     A few times a year  37%  42% 
     Never or rarely  31%  19% 
We have a remote recruiting strategy  43%  51% 
We offer remote audit as an option and sometimes require it due to our staffing needs, the client’s geographic location or other criteria like undesirability of the client’s facilities  30%  35% 
Does your firm allow for Anytime work? Yes  50%  61% 
Flex time options     
     Flex start/end times  90%  95% 
     Part-time  80%  87% 
     Reduced hours off-peak  55%  60% 
Yes, we close every Friday during slower periods  34%  41% 
Non-traditional staffing     
     Hiring non-accounting talent into service lines (like service coordinators or customer service associates)  25%  33% 
     Hiring non-accounting talent with other majors like finance   and econ majors  29%  35% 
We allow interns to work from the office, home, and other locations, sometimes outside our geography  39%  48% 
Learning strategies     
     Zoom/Teams to share screens and apps  88%  94% 
     Remote onboarding  57%  66% 
Our leadership has fully embraced Anytime, Anywhere flex and remote work, and their behaviors and actions genuinely demonstrate that support  20%  25% 
Steps to ensure flex and remote team members feel included and empowered     
     Regularly remind leadership of remote/flex strategies  49%  58% 
     Investments in conference room technology  63%  69%