Combating Burnout with StandOut this Tax Season and Beyond


It is no secret that many people struggle with the feeling of burnout in today’s constantly changing work world. It is even a lesser secret that this can have serious implications for organizations and the people in them.

Burnout is a multi-faceted topic that can feel overwhelming to address. Ultimately, each person needs solutions that work for their unique self and situation.

With tax season approaching, ADP is offering you and your teams the opportunity to take the StandOut assessment and participate in a 50-minute webinar, Jan. 31, 11 a.m.-noon (EST). Join hosts Amy Powell, VP Leader Development at The Marcus Buckingham Company (an ADP Company), and Right Networks’ Chief Strategist Darren Root and Culture and Staffing Expert John Mitchell.

The webinar will help you discover:

  • How your StandOut Assessment results can help you manage and renew your energy
  • Simple StandOut strengths coaching practices and tools you can use to combat burnout

Created by Marcus Buckingham, the StandOut Assessment is a brief online situational judgment test that measures you against nine “Strength Roles” and reveals your Top 2. These roles describe your personal edge—those ingrained traits and tendencies that give you a natural advantage. Your detailed results give you personalized, practical coaching on how to use your Roles to make your greatest contribution.  

CLICK HERE to complete the assessment, which takes approximately 15 minutes. You can bring your StandOut assessment results to the session.

The webinar has been approved for 1 CPE credit.

To sign up, CLICK HERE.

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