Creamy Potato Soup with Smoked Ends


Creamy Potato Soup with Smoked Ends

From Birch Creek Farmery


1-2lbs smoked pork ends
1.5  cups chopped onion
6 cups rooster bone broth
2lbs cubed russet potatoes
2/3 cup butter
1/2 cup flour
4 cups milk
1t salt
2t black pepper
8 oz entire milk Greek yogurt
Sliced inexperienced onion or parsley
Shredded cheese


Chop the pork ends and brown in a skillet till crispy, stirring usually.

Take away browned ends and add chopped onion to the skillet, utilizing the drippings to stop sticking. Prepare dinner till translucent.

In a big pot, add cooked onion, drippings, potatoes, and bone broth. Prepare dinner till potatoes are tender (about 12-Quarter-hour)

Utilizing your authentic skillet, soften your butter and whisk in flour till easy paste types. Proceed stirring till the flour has browned and lends to a nutty aroma.

Add your milk slowly to the flour paste in small quantities, stirring continuously to stop lumps from forming.

As soon as the milk is totally added, prepare dinner a couple of minutes to thicken then add the milk combination to the broth pot.

Permit the soup to return to a simmer and add greek yogurt together with inexperienced onions/salt/pepper/cheddar cheese to style

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