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In the world of art, there are few things as captivating as a well-executed oil painting. And when it comes to portraiture, American artist Andrew Cadima is truly a master of his craft. His unique and multifaceted style is one that will leave you questioning the emotions and inner thoughts of his subjects.

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Cadima’s paintings are a true testament to his skills as an artist. By blending multiple eyes, mouths, and other facial features together, he creates bizarre and intriguing works that are filled with emotion. The viewer can’t help but feel that something deeper is happening beneath the surface, making them question what they can see on the canvas before them.


Andrew Cadima’s oil paintings are not just a visual treat, but they are also thought-provoking and emotionally charged. The multifaceted nature of his work is something that is truly fascinating and it is hard not to be drawn in by the emotions that he evokes through his art. If you have the chance to see his work in person, don’t miss it.


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