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As I have been a GoDaddy customer, I am going to review the GoDaddy hosting.

You must have been seeing ads everywhere over internet and television while playing YouTube you must have seen these ads once. Since I have been using it for a year, I have developed a certain amount of trust in it.

It has been a leader in its domain sector, and it will soon become the leader in web hosting.

I have been using its hosting for various reasons and loved its services; it is evolved as a brand in recent years.

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Why I recommend GoDaddy: GoDaddy Review 2023 January– Trustworthy Hosting Service ???? READ

GoDaddy is very cheap:

It’s cheap, still very useful, and its renewal cost just $7.99 a month, but they also provide coupons when you use their services for several months which can reduce your renewal to $3.77 a month.

As GoDaddy is not specialized in hosting, but still they are trying to do their best to reduce the market prices.

If you are with them, then your tension of paying more will get reduced to almost zero.

It gives unlimited bandwidth:

What is bandwidth? It’s basically how many people are there to visit your site.  Sometimes what happens is your website gets crashed due to heavy traffic.

But as I am using GoDaddy I have full trust in them like most of the customer. You don’t need to pay an extra penny for this traffic and host will never crash like it does at other hosts.

GoDaddy offers quality WordPress auto-installation:

What could I say about its auto-installation feature? I am the biggest fan of it, as manually installation of WordPress gives you satisfactions and security.

It’s indeed time-saving if you use pre-installed WordPress, for people those who worry about file transfer protocol (FTP).

But whenever I have manually installed GoDaddy, WordPress has been installed perfectly, and every security feature came into effect right after the installation, only by using security plug-in, making WordPress very easy, you just need to purchase hosting, and everything will get done easily. Just open your hosting accounts, select auto installation, just follow the given prompts and wait for few hrs and you are done.

GoDady also offers a separate “WordPress hosting” product. It’s a little bit expensive but offers excellent features like an auto upgrade, security monitoring, and other benefits.

It depends on you, but for me, it depends on the situation, and I like both of them.


GoDaddy integrated product well:

As like buying GoDaddy hosting and email services I am big fan separately from web hosting.

As it makes life very easy when a single company manages your domain name, email, and hosting. I do so, and most of my friends do it.

They offer a large no of facilities and manage them effectively.

GoDady security feature:

Security is a major problem in today’s scenario, and I feel that GoDady offers the best protection from hackers and spammers. It’s spam free.

And that’s the best thing.

GoDaddy has phone support and little downtime:

I honestly believed that GoDaddy has recently improved its customer services. They are improving more under the supervision of their new CEO, and there was a new direction they set out in July 2013. They offer 24*7 customer services which are common between hosting company.

It not that it provides a world class technology, but indeed it is best for massive corporate sector hosting.

It fulfills every demand of the customer.

GoDaddy is current with the latest technology:

They have 4GH Linux hosting which means they are using the current technologies; it has all the latest stuff for doing the web hosting correctly.


Some of the disadvantages of GoDaddy:

GoDaddy uses custom hosting panel:

It’s a technical term but as getting in-depth of your WordPress, the more the hosting panel matters.

What it means when you log into your hosting account via the web or through FTP. You will get a whole list of option to manage your site.

The industrial leaders are the cPanel and Fantastico. GoDaddy uses its custom panel.

Sometimes while using different plug-in and theme for WordPress needs a separate tutorial for GoDady, and that is main disadvantage of being a custom panel.

GoDaddy marketing strategies are very odd:

Their ads are very dull and sulky, featuring elephants and using sexiest figures only attract controversies.

As of today, it has somehow improved a lot, like they no more promote commercial sexism in their ads. They are paying more attention towards maintaining their “edgy brand” and not focusing on product improvement.

It’s a significant disadvantage.

GoDaddy limits your database, email, address and memory:

Most of web hosting sites don’t do this, but GoDady does these things, means you cannot bunch websites on a single hosting.

For every single WordPress blog/website, we need one database, earlier even on deluxe plans, you were restricted to 25 websites on a single hosting account. However, they have improved their policy a little bit but, the limit factor remains.

Only when you go to its ultimate plan, they will offer you every benefit at a very cheap rate. Their unlimited plan has been improving, and deluxe plans are also better now, having an unlimited desk space. Still, it depends on your priority.

GoDaddy is a large corporation:

It’s not like being a huge corporate is wrong, it has several advantages like entry level, micromanaged customer service representative and like they way you always wanted.

It is that been said there is always a limit to once paradise.

They offer a real help article but being a cost-cutting corporate they are not up to the mark, and your economic hosting account doesn’t matter on the grade scale. That is being a big corporate a disadvantage in my opinion.

Like when I need to interact with tech support, I need spend more time on triage than on actual problem-solving.

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It’s little harder to leave GoDaddy:

What I have experienced that it takes lots of effort while you want to shift your hosting, while you are opting for a web hosting you need to have some time commitments.

It’s a simple thing to move your web host as it seems, but there is still there are a lot of stuff that can go wrong. GoDaddy in no way helps their customer to leave. It created a lot of trouble while you want to transfer your host; it needlessly interrupts you while shifting which is so annoying.

GoDady is very restrictive to data:

Its security advantages sometimes become an obstacle itself, as you cannot auto-generate web feeds using web contents like wiki. Even if you want to you need to go through hoops.

Conclusion: GoDaddy Review 2023 January– Trustworthy Hosting Service ???? READ

It’s a law of nature everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So is with GoDaddy. Still, for better cheap and efficient hosting, I will recommend it to everyone, being its long time regular customer.


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