How To Use Astrocartography For Love


When it comes to finding love, astrocartography can help show you the best place in the world to not just fall in love, but also to stay in love.  

Astrocartography, also known as astrolocation or locational astrology, is the method of using a map to show where the planets rose and set on the date of your birth. Each planet’s location infuses that specific area with a purpose and influence on your life.

According to astrology, this is why some places in the world not only feel like home even if you have only visited for the first time but also why various locations may seem to bring different experiences into your life.  

Each planet holds a different meaning and purpose in astrology, so using astrolocation you can pinpoint the best places to travel to. For example, TikTok creator and astrologer Maren Altman explains how you can use astrocartography to find love.  

How to use astrocartography for love

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1. Generate your birth chart using whole sign houses.

In order to do that you’ll need your birth date, time, and location. 

Insert this information into a birth chart calculator to generate your chart. After the results are up you want to focus on your whole sign houses (the circle chart) as the house system is key to looking at specific areas of your life.  

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