JETNET acquires ADS-B Exchange


JETNET announced on Wednesday that it has acquired ADS-B Exchange. JETNET is a provider of aviation data and market intelligence. ADS-B Exchange is one of the world’s largest networks of ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders and providers of both real-time and historical flight data.

This is the second acquisition of what could be multiple future acquisitions as JETNET is working on the expansion of its data-led product offerings for aviation.


JETNET appoints new CEO, Derek Swaim

JETNET acquires Asset Insight in latest move

JETNET recently appointed a new CEO, Derek Swaim, in January. In the last year, the expanding company has named a new CEO and secured outside investment for the first time. JETNET also acquired Asset Insight, a provider of aircraft appraisals as well as aircraft maintenance evaluation and financial optimization services in October 2022.

ADS-B Exchange was founded in 2016 by Dan Streufert and now totals about 750,000 messages per second worldwide with receivers hosted by aviation enthusiasts across the globe. This latest acquisition by JETNET will allow the company to expand its flight data solutions with real-time information.

“ADS-B Exchange was founded as the go-to resource for aviation and flight-data enthusiasts,” Streufert said. “Joining forces with JETNET is the perfect match as we look to meet the business needs of our users while maintaining our enthusiast roots and unfiltered data. With a long history of providing highly valuable data to the aviation industry, JETNET offers the resources we need to accelerate our growth.”

ADS-B Exchange map

The two companies have both served many businesses and entities across the aviation industry. This encompasses Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO), airport operations and aircraft leasing. The real-time data is also used by numerous commercial customers across many end markets, like aerospace & defense, government, research/academic and financial services.

“We are committed to providing our customers with innovative product offerings which provide the information and intelligence they rely on to make critical business decisions,” Swaim said. “We’ve long admired ADS-B Exchange and know how strategic the company’s real-time data offerings are to the aviation industry. Dan has done an incredible job building a fast-growing business that customers love. We believe he, and the ADS-B Exchange platform, will bring significant value to our customers.”


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