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Rat Terrier Dog Breed

The Rat Terrier is a cheerful, family-oriented housedog that was initially designed to be a flexible companion able to searching rodents on the farm.


The Rat Terrier will get alongside properly with children and different animals and is pleasant, inquisitive, and affectionate. He’s an particularly devoted breed and wishes gentle train to burn off his surplus power as a result of he’s enjoyable and lively.


A breed throughout the Terrier household, the Rat Terrier comprises each miniature and standard-sized canine. These short-haired, alert-eared canine are a pleasant addition to any household, combining the roles of a transportable, strong exterminator and an elegant, carry-along companion.


12 to 18 years

Color Assortment

The coat of the Rat Terrier may be white or any certainly one of a plethora of colors, together with white.

Hair fall

Seasonally, the Rat Terrier periodically sheds. A shedding instrument or rubber brush will help in eradicating stray hair throughout seasonal shedding. A weekly brushing and a shower as soon as a month needs to be enough to take care of a Rat Terrier’s quick coat’s look.

Well being

Rat Terriers are usually wholesome canines. Breeders which are accountable examine their animals for coronary heart and eye situations in addition to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation (unfastened kneecaps), and Legg-Calvé-Perthes illness.

Breed Historical past

The Rat Terrier breed was created by American farmers within the nineteenth century for one particular goal: to exterminate rats. This American-born breed was very well-liked on American farms all through the 1910s and Twenties.

The Rat Terrier’s operate as farm pest administration was considerably altered as extra farmers started utilizing poison to kill rodents. Thankfully, individuals nonetheless worth these versatile canines as searching companions, watchdogs, henhouse keepers, and playmates.

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