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Konect Artwork: Sisi Biedermann

Presently on show at Konect Artwork Gallery, operated and curated by Gonzalo Osuna (Jon Rain), head of Konecta Radio, are exhibitions by two artists, considered one of whom I’m a confirmed admirer – Sisi Biedermann – along with a Second Life photographer who’s new to me: Dann Haefnir.

As I’ve famous in previous evaluations of Sisi’s work, she is without doubt one of the most partaking digital mixed-media artists in Second Life; her work is totally distinctive and utterly fascinating, providing a richness of creativeness, fashion and color. Her material tends to be wide-ranging, masking the whole lot from the pure world by means of in-world settings to the fantastical and even relating the summary and the near-surreal.

Konect Artwork: Sisi Biedermann

For this exhibition, the main focus could be very a lot on nature and the pure world, with one or two motifs from classical artwork (take Reaching Out, for instance…

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