Sketching Panorama Scenes: An Urban Sketching Course


I’ve just launched a new art course on sketching panoramas. The course is now available on Skillshare (membership needed) and Gumroad (US $19).

In this course, you’ll learn process and techniques to sketching a panorama scene with pen, ink and watercolour.

This is an intermediate course that requires you to have basic knowledge to observation drawing. If you’re a beginner, I recommend you check out my beginner course to urban sketching first.

Sketching panorama scenes can be intimidating so in this course, we’ll learn how you can break down the process into more management parts.

This course is 176 minute long and has 2 hands-on project and 1 timelapse tutorial. You can download the reference photos to follow along. Additional photos are also provided for more practice.

The lessons are as follows:

  1. Intro – 1 min
  2. What’s a panorama? – 12 min
  3. Planning before sketching – 5 min
  4. Tools and supplies – 3 min
  5. Project 1: Sketching a street scene – 10 min
  6. Project 1: inking – 22 min
  7. Project 1: Colouring – 21 min
  8. Project 1: Adding details – 12 min
  9. A word on perspective – 9 min
  10. Thumbnailing – 20 min
  11. Project 2: Cityscape – 3min
  12. Project 2: Inking – 22 min
  13. Project 2: Colouring – 22 min
  14. Sketching an indoor panorama – 13 min
  15. Outro – 1 min

At the end of the course, you should be familiar with the process of sketching a panorama scene, and have to confidence to sketch one yourself.

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