Skills and Targets Families Can Carry Over


Working with families is an important part of any learner’s success. There are strategies that I have found to be most successful. My team and I are sure to communicate with families in their preferred method at least once a week. Some families prefer daily notes, weekly notes, weekly emails, or even bi-weekly meetings and trainings. It is important to provide families with the most beneficial trainings and communication while also continuing to have boundaries that are known to all. In this post, I will share some tips on maintaining rapport with our learner’s families while continuing to have a work/life balance and understanding of what families may have on their plates. 

Open and consistent communication

Open and consistent communication about our expectations and a family’s expectations is important to start in the beginning. Being honest and approachable has helped my families feel calm and heard when working together. My team and I are sure to remind families that we as educators and clinicians have the ability to create and maintain structured learning environments with the help of support services,1:1s, and other paraprofessionals. We are also able to implement behavioral and sensory strategies that may be needed for a learner within the classroom environment. We ae providing training and skills that can be implemented in the home at a slower pace and are here to help make it realistic in their home according to their already established routines and family. One thing that it is important to me is that there is time and space for a child to have the separation of school versus home and have the comfortability and love within the home environment.

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