The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On January 26, 2023


With Venus entering Pisces and the Sun sextile Moon, not only will many of us enjoy the pleasures of having a beautiful day filled with love and passion, but we’re going to believe it’s all really happening.

That means that because we feel so good about ‘ourselves’ on this day, we make everything around us seem alluring, positive, and filled with potential.

What stands out, transit-wise is the Sun sextile Moon. Whenever we have this transit, we see only beauty. We see it in others, and we see it in ourselves, and with that kind of attitude, how could we possibly go wrong?

On January 26, 2023, we get to enjoy the ‘flavor’ of the Aquarius Sun, which helps us feel good about making our own decisions; during this time, we don’t spend much time second-guessing ourselves, and we truly do believe we have much to offer, even if our offering is extremely different, unique or even obscure.

So, we’re already in a good place, but kick it up a notch with Sun sextile Moon, and we not only see the people around us as attractive and inviting, we see ourselves as beautiful, glamorous creatures who are happy to connect romantically with others.

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And so today brings several zodiac signs a taste of luck in love, and it will be up to us to turn that ‘taste’ into a full-blown great day of love which is ultimately possible. If we can remember love, compassion and forgiveness as our mantra today, we can rule the world. Stay kind, people…that’s the key.

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