The Astrology of Beyoncé Knowles – Virgo, Libra, Leo, Scorpio…

This Star Has Venus Rising In Libra!

Virgo Beyonce By way of Flickr

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter Born 4th September, 1981 At 4.37am In Houston, Texas…

The performer, the showgirl, the star, Beyoncé has the constelltion of proud kings (and queens) distinguished in her horoscope because of Mars conjunct the north node on the highly effective levels 0º and 1º LEO .


There’s no mistaking when she’s on stage Queen B is moving into the loud, proud vitality of this heady mixture.

Mars is our sense of drive, which propels her ahead into her efficiency type.

It’s a heat, benevolent enthusiasm and completely beautiful, with expertise for track, dance and even appearing! We’d say it’s the Leo that brings all this creativity – however it’s the Virgo that involves good the strikes… An unimaginable work ethic is hers, courtesy of the Solar in Virgo…

Notoriously a perfectionist (like fellow Virgo performer Michael Jackson), Beyonce has exacting, astute tendencies because of her Solar Signal. 

She rehearses for hours and is thought for her unimaginable and tireless drive, and people stellar performances are right down to hours of dedication and preparation.

Virgo the Maiden is devoted, healthful and modest – fairly a stability to strike once you’ve a roaring tendency with Leo-ness to deal with.

Venus / Mercury in Libra… & Libra Rising!

The planet of magnificence and femininity is in one in every of its favorite locations, the diplomatic and concord loving signal Libra.

With two key private planets within the signal of the Scales partnership, stability and negotiation is highlighted – and simply look how this star works, lives and performs alongside partner Jay-Z.

Venus in Libra offers her an excellent diplomatic vibe, that is a person that hates combating – she in all probability couldn’t bear the Future’s Little one controversy means again when, or any fall out with Kim Kardashian! She was additionally swish through the carry incident!

Some folks contest the Libra Rising chart, with Pluto on the Ascendant. Nevertheless, I take it as this as a result of the AstroTwins mentioned time and time once more that they did an in-person studying for Beyonce within the presence of her mum who handed on the time of beginning.

Nevertheless, as her Moon In Scorpio values and desires privateness who is aware of if she informed a little bit white lie!

Love You Bey… x

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