The Moon Line In Astrocartography: Short- And Long-Term Effects


Astrocartography is a sector of astrology concerning how planetary placements affect the way we feel and respond to certain places or areas where we live, wish to live or visit. 

When you look at an astrocartography map, you see a map of the world (or whichever area you are interested in looking at) with lines drawn through different localities.

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Each line links up with a particular planet that brings out certain qualities and connects you to others. 

When looking at the lines in an astrocartography map it is important to know that you can be within about a 600-mile radius of the particular line and still feel the effects. Of course, the closer you live, the more intense the energy is.

The Moon line in astrocartography

The Moon line on your astrocartography map represents the path the Moon traversed at your time of birth.

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