Varieties and Features of Magnesium in Crops


1. Quantity and Features of Magnesium in Crops

Magnesium is absorbed by plant roots as divalent cation, Mg2+; and the focus in tissue is between 0.1 to 0.4% much like the vary of phosphorus, calcium, and sulphur in plant tissues. The features of magnesium in vegetation may very well be listed as follows:

Magnesium is a constituent of chlorophyll accounting for about 2.7% of cthe hlorophyll molecule.

Mg is a co-factor, an enzyme activator, in reactions related to ATP formation (Phosphorus metabolism), phosphorylation response, and subsequent switch of phosphate.

It’s required to activate plenty of different enzymatic methods in plant tissue comparable to carbohydrate metabolism, citric acid cycle in cell respiration, oil synthesis in oil palm, groundnut, sunflower, and soyabean.

Mg performs structural position in vegetation linking collectively the subunits of ribosomes.

On account of its structural position within the cell wall, Mg is motionless within the cell wall however cell in different components of the plant comparable to its presence in cell vacuoles the place it controls the ionic power of the cell.

On account of its reasonable mobility in vegetation, signs of Mg deficiency seem on decrease older leaves as interveinal chlorosis whereby solely the leaf veins stay inexperienced. There are deep-green veins towards a yellow background in a leaf.

There’s a reddish pigmentation necrotic situation of older leaves of maize and oat because of chlorophyll deficiency.

Plant ranges of vitamins typically have implications on human and animal feeding. Crops and grasses low in magnesium may cause grass stagger known as hyper magnesium illness in animals which are ate up these grasses.

Mg- Deficiency in Nigeria happens in acid sandy soils and sedimentary zones. Soils low in cation alternate capability and natural matter are doubtless low in Mg. Mg-deficiency in oil palm is named oan vary frond.

Up take of Mg is inhibited by excessive charges of Okay+ and NH+4. That is known as ion antagonism which might happen in oil palm, tree orchard, tomato, and tobacco on sandy soils.

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2. Soil Magnesium and Fertilizer Supplies

Exchangeable magnesium which is on the market for the instant use of the crop is between 50-500kg ha-1 in soils.

The first sources of unavailable Mg in soils are biotite, Olivine (Mg Fe Si304) which is dominant in serpentine soils, amphiboles, pyroxene, and dolomite (CaCO3 Mg CO3) used for liming acid soils.

Vermiculite is a very powerful secondary mineral supplying Magnesium in soils. Magnesium behaves like Ca; it could actually transfer into interlayer areas of clay minerals to grow to be non-exchangeable. Leaching of Mg2+ follows the identical sample as Ca2+.

In serpentine soils, Mg. is dominant. Typically, in most soils, 40-80% of alternate websites are utilized by Ca2+ whereas 10-15% are utilized by Mg2+. Supplies containing Mg are:

  • Dolomite (Ca, Mg)2 (CO3)2 incorporates   13% Mg
  • Sulpo magazine Okay2SO4. 2Mg SO4    12% Mg
  • En Magazine (+Okay) or M NH4 phosphate can be utilized as a twig. Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) MgSO4. 7H20
  • MgO (not sufficiently soluble)    55% Mg
  • The En Magazine (+Okay) additionally provides N, P, and Okay. It’s a slow-release fertilizer produced in Aberdeen, Scotland. Within the early SOs, this fertilizer was used extensively for flowers and shrubs on the Seaton Park close to Hillhead College students Hostels, College of Aberdeen.

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